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From the brothers who brought you the Academy Award nominated film GENGHIS BLUES comes the next great adventure... BEYOND THE CALL.

In an Indiana Jones meets Mother Teresa adventure, three middle-aged men, former soldiers and modern-day knights travel the world delivering life-saving humanitarian aid directly into the hands of civilians and doctors. Ed Artis, James Laws and Walt Ratterman inspire through deeds not words, in some of the most dangerous yet beautiful places on Earth, the front lines of war.

Knightsbridge International is a unique humanitarian organization, whose motto is "High Adventure and Service to Humanity." They explain, "We're not there to change anybody's politics, we're not in the God business, and we pay our own way." They add simply, We do what we can, when we can, because we can.

"An extremely inspiring film that is also hilarious, exciting and heart-wrenching. Not only are the three men unbelievably good willed, they are enjoyable characters filled with lovable quirks and wonderful stories to tell."
- Christopher Campbell, Cinematical

New York Times: "unlikely heroes"

Variety: "It's impossible not to admire their can-do spirit."

San Francisco Bay Guardian: Pick of the Week.

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Chicago Sun-Times 3 of 4 stars

CBS Early Show interview
w/ Ed Artis & Jim Laws 4/10/07

Interview with Director / Producer Adrian Belic at the Nashville Film Festival, April 2007
(On the page, please look under the movie poster to the right and 'click' on your internet speed to view video clip)

More than five years in the making; nearly a year of theatrical screenings, film festival showings, standing ovations and many awards; the film continues to play across the US and around the world. Please keep your eyes open for the 35mm film print of BEYOND THE CALL screening at an independent theater or film festival near you through the summer, and into the early Fall. I and the stars (Ed Artis, Jim Laws and Walt Ratterman) will attend as many screenings as possible.

We are independently distributing the film. If you, your friends or colleagues are able to assist in any way to get the word out about BEYOND THE CALL to the press, theaters, festivals, organizations, institutions, schools and influential people; and help get BEYOND THE CALL in-front of audiences young and old, liberal and conservative and the majority in the middle, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so very much for your continued support!

List of groups that have enjoyed being inspired by BEYOND THE CALL:

  • Press (TV, print, radio, Internet, Bloggers, etc.) I and the stars of the film are available at any time to do interviews.
  • Service organizations (Rotary, Shriners, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Elks Club, and many others.)
  • AARP and other senior organizations and centers
  • Universities & schools
  • Military active, reserve and Veterans organizations
  • Police and Fire Departments, first-responders
  • Doctors, hospitals, medical organizations,?pharmaceutical companies
  • Government and Non-governmental organizations
  • Democrats, Republicans, Independents
  • People of faith of every belief
  • Humanitarian groups
  • International groups
  • Professionals (doctors, lawyers, engineers, business people, etc.)
  • Labor / Union groups
  • Boys and Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Club

Thank you,
Adrian Belic

  SunEnergy Power Corporation
It is the new company that Walt Ratterman (the solar guy in BEYOND THE CALL) has founded with a few very cool friends.

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